EP Japan Mission (EPJM)

What is EPJM?

EPJM was initially organized as the English Presbytery’s response to the tsunami disaster which hit East Japan on March 11, 2011. Since 2013, EPJM has partnered with the 3.11 Iwate Church Network and has in recent years gradually expanded to inland locations which were not necessarily directly affected by the disaster. EPJM now also reaches a wider demographic and not just the tsunami victims. 


Why Japan?

Today, the Japanese are considered the second largest unreached people group in the world, with less than 1% of the population considered Christian. Statistically, the coastal area of Iwate hit by the tsunami is less than 0.054% Christian. Prior to the disaster, there were no missionaries in Iwate prefecture (where EPJM’s ministry concentrates on); now there are around 20. Yet, the headcount is small while the ministry needs remain great.

As of March 2016, it was reported that about 59,000 people, mostly elderly, still remain housed in temporary housings or government-arranged evacuee housing. Although more than 5 years have passed and the debris is gone from public view, real recovery from the loss is a long way off. People today still live with the trauma of having lost loved ones and many continue to live in regret.

With the survivors are now relocated to the reconstructed housings, our ministry continued to partner with the local pastors to build bridges to the communities. A couple of church plants have happened since then and the work continues. During pandemic, we kept the relationship going by a few online events especially during Christmas period where the story of God's love can be freely shared. 

With the borders opening, we are resuming the trips. The relationship's built over the years have made this possible. Many are looking forward to our ministry of presence and beyond.


What can I do? 

Pray for Japan

EPJM meets and prays together for the work and the Japanese missionaries every last Tuesday of the month. If you would like to know more, you can join us and hear more about the progress of the work we are currently doing from the returning members.

Join a team

We have teams for almost every month in the year that run for 10 days. The work mostly involves community engagement, like art and craft, farming, exercises, English Café, cooking etc. Japanese language ability is good to have but not required. Training will be conducted prior to the trip. 
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