EP Japan Mission



The Lord has given EPMC the opportunity and privilege to serve in Japan after the tsunami and earthquake in March 2011. In partnership with CRASH (Christian Relief Assistant Support & Hope) nine mission trips were sent in 2011 & 2012. In that period, we had 85 individuals serve the disaster area with us. However, our last mission with CRASH ended in September 2012.

311 Iwate Church Network

Contact was made with the 311 Iwate Church Network - This network ministers to survivors and build up the church in the tsunami area as volunteers help reduces as time go on. In view of this, we have planned various missions trip to partner and walk alongside the 311 in their endeavours.  Our prayers are for the kingdom of God to also grow in Japan as we work with the 311 ICN.


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Trips in 2017

Date Team Facilitator Status
Feb 18-26 Eddie Chandra Cancelled
Mar 18-26 Nari Maruyama Closed
Apr 11-20 Rus Teo Closed
May 16-25 Joelle Yap Recruiting
Jun 13-22 Pauline Koh Closed
Jul 11-20 Grace Lee Recruting
Aug 15-24   Team Facilitator required
Sep 12-21 Wai Lin Recruiting
Oct 17-26 Susan Eng Recruiting
Nov 14-23 Cesar Balota Recruiting
Dec 12-21 Levene Wong Recruiting


Trips in 2016

The trips are 10 days long starting on a Monday, Returning the following Wednesday. Come and join us; be a part of Christ's work in Iwate, Japan. And, if you have gone on one of our trips before, you are a candidate to be a Team Facilitator. Please also consider and pray for this role, for teams cannot go without the Team Facilitator in place.

Please note - the dates here are not set in concrete - Current status from 10 July 2016

23 Feb~03 Mar - Team Facilitator, Nari Maruyama (mission trip completed)
14-23rd Mar - Team Facilitator, Rus Teo (mission trip completed)
11-20th Apr - Team Facilitator, Pauline Koh (mission trip completed)
16-25th May - Team Facilitator, Susan Eng (mission trip completed)
13-22nd Jun - Cancelled
18-27th Jul - Team Facilitator, Terry Chai (membership's closed)
15-24th Aug
12-21st Sep - Team Facilitator, Shao Xiong (open for membership)
10-19th Oct - Team Facilitator, Samuel Tandijanto (open for membership)
14-23rd Nov
12-21st Dec